Biorace Bubble Essence - Intensive bubble Essence 30 day trial with Tash!

As a perpetually sleep-deprived model in NYC, my skin often becomes dull and dry, but incorporating this essence into my routine for a month has produced VISIBLE results.  
This essence is nothing like other essence in the market - First the look, elegant mirrored acrylic bottles brought my attention at first love the packaging! Starting from the way to apply this bubble essence is different. Once you apply a thin layer to the surface of your skin and give it a minute or two this essence will make micro tiny bubbles on your skin. This process was developed to improve the essence to really get into the skin and fill in the dry areas on your skin. Once the bubble is made gently tap in on to the skin! 
My skin is noticeably more firm, more dewy, and all-around healthier.  After two weeks, I noticed a huge improvement in my skin’s tightness and general texture:  It was smoother than it had been in years, which only improved over the following two weeks.  By the end of my trial, I couldn’t believe the bright and shiny complexion staring back at me in the mirror.  Bottom line—this product is now a permanent staple in my skincare routine and I can’t recommend it highly enough!